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The main goal of this article is to introduce for non-technical people and beginners concepts about categorical variable and how we can handle it to use in machine learning algorithms.

In Statistics, categorical variables are those that can be separated into groups. They are useful in cases where the main interest is to classify the data in a qualitative way, rather than quantitative.

In a nutshell: is all information regarding what we can observe from our study object, and it can’t be measure by a numerical metric.

For instance, hair is a categorical variable. We could label it in discrete…

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This week the Brazilian Chamber of Representatives approved the bill 6407/2013. Known as the “New Gas Law”, it is part of the Gas to Grow¹ program (Gás para Crescer) and establishes the new legal framework for the Brazilian Natural Gas market.

The program aims to boost the market, facilitating the operation of private companies in the gas sector. The main changes proposed are:

  • Ensure non-discriminatory third-party access (TPA) for essential facilities (e.g., upstream pipelines, gas processing plants, and liquefied natural gas terminals);
  • Replace the point-to-point contracts by an entry-exit system with liquid virtual trading points;
  • Guarantee an independent transmission system;

Petroleum Engineer enthusiastic in Data Science.

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